What actions are the SNP taking to tackle homelessness?

Our aim is that everyone should have a warm and safe place to live. That is why ending homelessness and rough sleeping is a national priority for us.

The pandemic showed us that when there is a strong enough will we can make rapid change in a very short period of time.

Our aim is that no one should find themselves going back to being homeless or sleeping rough. We will back this with a new Ending Homelessness Together Fund of £50 million.

We will invest in replacing winter night shelters with new rapid-rehousing welcome centres to provide short term emergency accommodation for anyone in immediate need. Our Welcome centres will help people into accommodation including through Housing First where people with complex needs are provided with wrap around support to maintain tenancies.

The key to ending homelessness is prevention. We will invest in a rapid rehousing approach and will introduce a national programme to increase housing choices for those facing homelessness.

We will also introduce legislation that strengthens people’s housing rights and ensure public bodies have a duty to prevent homelessness, building on the recommendations of the Prevention Review Group.