What action will the SNP to improve trans and intersex equality?

Our same-sex marriage legislation is seen by many as one of the most progressive equal marriage laws in the world because of the provisions on gender identity and gender reassignment equality. We must now build on this to do more to progress equality for trans people.

We have committed to reviewing and reforming gender recognition law, so that it’s in line with international best practice for people who are Transgender or Intersex. As such, a draft Bill reforming the current process for obtaining legal gender recognition has been published for consultation.

The reforms, which follow international best practice adopted in other countries such as the Republic of Ireland, Denmark and Norway, do not alter the long standing rights of trans men and women to change gender nor do the reforms change the rights of women and single sex exceptions in the Equality Act.

What the Scottish Government proposes is to amend the way a trans person obtains that legal recognition. This is because the current process is viewed by many wishing to apply as demeaning, lengthy and stressful. You can read more about this here.

At Westminster, SNP MPs will also press the UK government to match the Scottish Government’s commitment to legislation within this parliament. In addition to reforming gender recognition law, SNP MPs will push the UK government to allow non-binary people to record their gender as “X” on passports and all other UK-wide records and identity documents.

SNP MPs at Westminster are also calling on the UK government to amend the Equality Act 2010 to ensure that all trans and non-binary people are covered by discrimination protections. We will also press for intersex people and organisations to be fully consulted by the UK government on changes to the law and policy to introduce effective protections for intersex people’s human rights.