Is Scotland safer under the SNP?

The SNP Scottish Government has taken many steps to ensure Scotland is a safe place to live. Since taking office, recorded crime is down 42 per cent in Scotland – this is the lowest level ever estimated by the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. 

Since 2007, violent crime is down 46 per cent, robberies are down 47 per cent and property crime by 41 per cent.

We have ended automatic early release, meaning that long-term prisoners who pose an unacceptable risk to public safety will serve their sentence in full. And thanks to tough community sentences, the reconviction rate has been reduced to its lowest level in 19 years.

Since the SNP took office in Scotland, we have recruited an additional 1,000 police officers – this is in stark contrast to England and Wales, where the UK Government have slashed police numbers by more than 21,000.

Around 7 million hours of unpaid work have been carried out since Community Payback Orders were introduced, delivering real benefits to communities.