How is the SNP tackling violence against women?

In the last session of the Parliament, we passed the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm Act to tackle the way modern technology can be used to perpetrate abuse, creating a new offence of sharing private intimate images without consent, or so-called ‘revenge porn’. A new statutory domestic abuse aggravator will also be introduced to ensure courts take domestic abuse into account when sentencing an offender.

We are now implementing the new Domestic Abuse Act that created a new specific offence to help tackle domestic abuse. Scotland is now one of only a handful of countries across the world to introduce dedicated legislation that will cover not just physical abuse, but also other forms of psychological abuse and coercive and controlling behaviour which cannot easily be prosecuted under the existing criminal law.

We are investing £17.9 million to support victims of crime through a range of front line specialist services and to tackle violence against women and girls.

We are also committed to improving the experience of rape and sexual assault victims in the justice system and have established a Victims Taskforce to
ensure victims’ voices are heard and to streamline their journey through the justice system.