How is the SNP tackling income inequality?

Tackling rising inequality is one of the most important challenges we face as a society. According to the Resolution Foundation, the UK is on course for the biggest increase in inequality since Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

Fighting inequality isn’t just essential to creating a fairer society but for the long-term prosperity of our economy too.

The SNP Scottish Government is taking action.

  • We have put tackling inequality at the heart of Scotland’s Economic Strategy and we will place a new duty on public bodies to do more to reduce inequalities.

  • We have done everything we can to mitigate the worst impacts of Tory welfare cuts, including ensuring that no one has to pay the Bedroom Tax in Scotland.

  • We we will use new social security powers to increase Carer’s ALlowance, protect disability benefits and provide new support for families and young people.

  • To give every child the best start in life, we’ve increased the provision of free childcare and early learning by 45 per cent – and will almost double the number of available hours to 30 per week by 2021.

  • To tackle the poverty-related education attainment gap, we have committed £750 million to raising attainment and we’re taking forward radical reform of school education.

  • To take on low pay the Scottish Government has paid all staff the real Living Wage since 2011 and is taking action to promote its payment across all sectors.

At Westminster, the SNP will fight for an end to austerity and a national pay rise.

  • SNP MPs will vote against further cuts to social security and will support the scrapping of the two child cap on tax credits, the Rape Clause and an end to the freeze on increases in benefit rates.

  • We will support moves over the UK parliamentary term to increase the Minimum Wage to the level of the real Living Wage.

  • We will make the case for the UK government to implement the socio-economic duty – requiring the UK government to consider the impact of their policies on inequality.