How is the SNP improving social care services?

Free personal care for older people is one of the landmark achievements of devolution. We are supporting free personal care by investing more than £700 million in 2019-20 in social care and integration.

We have now gone further, and expanded free personal care to people of all ages who are assessed as requiring it – regardless of their age, condition, capital or income – backed up with £30 million of new funding to local authorities across Scotland.

Since the SNP has been in Government, it has been possible for more people requiring care to be cared for in their own homes. In 2014, Scotland became the only UK nation to legislate for the integration of Health and Social Care bodies, and there are now 31 Health and Social Care Partnership areas in Scotland, managing more than £8 billion of resources.

Attracting and retaining the right staff is key to delivering quality care. That’s why we are providing funding to enable adult social care workers to be paid the Scottish Living wage – benefitting up to 40,000 care workers.