How are the SNP supporting the forestry sector and developing tree stocks?

Forests and woodlands are a natural powerhouse and among Scotland’s most valuable rural assets. Our ambition is for them to expand and flourish.

Growing our forests is also key to tackling the climate emergency we are facing. Currently, around 12 million tonnes of CO2 are absorbed by Scotland’s forests every year, and increasing the size of our forests and woodlands means we can store even more greenhouse gases.

Currently around 84 per cent of woodland planting in the UK takes place in Scotland, showing our commitment to reversing the historic decline in woodland creation.

We will go further and increase our targets for new woodland creation by 50%, from 12,000 hectares up to 18,000 hectares per year by 2025.

Over five years we will provide an additional £100 million to Scottish Forestry to increase new planting, £30 million to Forestry and Land Scotland to expand Scotland’s national forests and land, and a further £20 million will go to increase nursery stocks.

We will ensure that trees, woodlands and natural resources play a key role in flood prevention schemes, in riparian repair activity and to address air pollution.