How are the SNP reforming the Private Rented Sector?

We need a rented sector that offers a range of high-quality and affordable homes for those who chose to live in it.

In the last parliament we introduced a new Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) which has no end date and can only be terminated by a tenant giving written notice to their landlord or by the landlord using one of 18 grounds for eviction. Tenants have the right to challenge a wrongful termination. Additionally, landlords can only increase rent once a year and are required to give tenants three months’ written notice of any rise. Tenants can challenge this rise if they think it is unfair.

We will now develop a new Rented Sector Strategy in 2021, to cover all types of rented home, including agricultural tenancies, providing greater protections from unreasonable rent increases and giving people genuinely affordable choices when renting, and increasing protections for tenants.

We will reform existing Rent Pressure Zone legislation to ensure local authorities can use it to directly address and cap unreasonably high rents in localised areas.

These changes will be incorporated in a new Housing Bill to be introduced early in the next Parliament.