Did the SNP support the UK government’s air strikes in Syria?

The SNP believe that the UK should not repeat the mistakes of the past, and engage in military action without a comprehensive and credible plan to win the peace. For this reason, all SNP MPs voted against air strikes on Syria.

The SNP shares the concerns of everyone else in the country about the terrorist threat by Daesh. However, in the judgement of the SNP, adding UK airstrikes to those already being carried out by a range of other countries will make no meaningful contribution to the defeat of Daesh. There is also the real danger that military intervention will result in civilian casualties and more chaos on the ground in Syria which may inadvertently help, rather than hinder, Daesh.

The SNP supports international efforts to bring an end to the violence and find a long term solution that provides the people of Syria and the wider Middle East with peace and stability. We believe that the UK should use its non-combative position to drive forward diplomatic efforts and present a peace plan.