Does the SNP support public ownership?

Under successive Labour and Tory UK governments, Scotland was denied the power to allow a public-sector bid for rail franchises in Scotland. The SNP fought for and won that power. We are now taking forward our manifesto commitment to ensuring a public sector bid for future rail franchises.

Under the SNP our NHS will always remain in public hands – and we’ll fight any attempt to open it up to privatisation as part of any UK trade deal with the USA.

Scottish Water is already in public hands – and we are committed to keeping it that way. Scottish Water is investing in essential infrastructure, while delivering water and sewerage charges that are, on average, £42 lower than in England and Wales.

We have introduced a Transport Bill that, if passed, will give local authorities the power to run publicly-owned bus franchises – as already exists in Edinburgh.

Public sector ferry operator – CalMac – continues to run Clyde and Hebrides ferry services. In the future, we intend to award this ferry contract directly to public sector operators if certain criteria can be met.

And we are committed to establishing a publicly-owned energy company for Scotland.