Our Vision


A Healthier Scotland

Our vision is of a healthier Scotland. By 2020 people will be living longer, healthier lives at home, or in a homely setting – a vision which puts people first. Through preventative healthcare and care in the community, we can deliver a healthcare system which meets the needs of our people in a caring and effective manner.

The SNP believe the NHS should remain a publicly owned, operates and funded service. We will not follow the privatisation agenda of the Westminster government. The staff who work in our hospitals, communities and health centres do an amazing job. They deserve our unreserved praise for the fantastic results they have produced over the last few years. We have historically low waiting times, large reductions in hospital infection rates, and some of the highest quality and safest healthcare anywhere in the world.

We are meeting our commitment to protect the NHS budget. We will ensure that the frontline health budget rises by at least £2 billion by the end of this Parliament.

We know that good quality healthcare is the cornerstone to a decent society and we will always strive to provide this for Scotland.