Open letter from Tom Wills: Say no to Brexit, vote SNP

Ahead of tomorrow’s Shetland by-election, SNP candidate Tom Wills has penned an open letter to voters urging them to unite behind the SNP – the country’s biggest and strongest anti-Brexit voice.

Dear voter,

Tomorrow you have the opportunity to shape Shetland’s future.

Over the course of this campaign I’ve visited communities across Shetland – from Fair Isle to Fetlar and Sandwick to Symbister.  The message has been the same: Shetland is ready for change.

From day one, I’ve run a positive, upbeat and inclusive campaign. We need to change the tone of our politics in Shetland and move away from unprovoked mud-slinging that will only hold us back.

Let me prove to you what we can achieve when we work together.

I recognise that to represent Shetlanders, my first job is to listen. And I have been listening.

On transport, I’ve set out what I think can be achieved between now and the next election in 18 months’ time.

My plan to cut your travel costs would provide a new 20% islander discount on NorthLink cabins, make SIC ferries free for foot passengers, secure a long-term extension of the Air Discount Scheme and scrap parking charges at Sumburgh Airport.

If I win on Thursday, I’ll be on the phone to Nicola Sturgeon on Friday morning, and I’ll be meeting with SNP government ministers next week to progress my plan to cut your travel costs.

I’m not going to waste a second in delivering progress for Shetlanders. If I can’t prove my worth over the next 18 months in the job, I want you to kick me out in 2021.

With your support, I will dedicate myself to making life better for everyone who lives here. My promise is that I will put Shetland’s case to the heart of the SNP government – with guaranteed results.

I’ve worked in renewables for over ten years and I want us to lead the way in tackling the climate crisis.

Shetland can be a global leader in green energy – our wind, wave and tidal power is enormous. I’ll use my experience in the industry to help kick start a green jobs boom in the islands, putting Shetland at the forefront in the fight against climate change and creating well-paid jobs for the next generation of Shetlanders.

But to do this, we need more international cooperation – not less. That’s why I’ll fight to stop Brexit and protect our place in Europe.

The SNP is by some distance the strongest pro-European party in the UK. We have 100 parliamentarians in Westminster, Holyrood, and Brussels, ready to stand up for Scotland and take serious action to stop Brexit.

No-one is saying the EU is perfect – I’ll fight tooth and nail to scrap the Common Fisheries Policy and make sure our local boats are protected.

However, being part of Europe is essential for jobs, investment and public services like our NHS.

Without the benefit of freedom of movement, local businesses in the seafood and agricultural sectors will undoubtedly suffer.

We can’t let Boris Johnson cut Shetland off from the world. It’s time to send Westminster a message and give Scotland the opportunity to choose a brighter future.

Tomorrow, I ask you to be one of those who votes to:

– Make your voice heard on Brexit
– Back my plan to cut your travel costs
– Put Shetland at the very heart of Holyrood

All the signs suggest Thursday’s by-election will be close. Every vote will count, and more and more people tell me they are voting SNP this time – many for the first time.

We need fresh thinking for these islands and an MSP who is ready to stand up for Shetland, ensuring local issues are taken right to the heart of the Scottish Government.

Give me 18 months and let me show you what an SNP MSP can achieve.

It’s time for action, not words.

It’s time for change. Vote SNP tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Tom Wills