Nothing has changed: 5 takeaways from Theresa May’s Brexit statement

1) Theresa May promised changes to her Brexit deal – she failed.

To quote Theresa May, “nothing has changed” in regards to her damaging Brexit deal. Despite seeking concessions for a month, the Prime Minister has achieved no material or legally-binding changes to the withdrawal agreement.

All that the Prime Minister’s pointless delay achieved was running down the clock and wasting everyone’s time at this crucial stage.

2) Theresa May is running the government like a BBC comedy

Last week, the government paid £550 each to 87 lorry drivers to park and spend the day in an abandoned airfield, in an attempt to convince the country that it is prepared for the traffic chaos on the London-Dover route in the event of no-deal.

Today, in a scene resembling The Thick Of It, a minister has been spotted with a note from ‘supposed’ no-deal preparations. Far from the sunlit uplands, no-deal Brexit apparently means: “no food” and “no Channel Tunnel”.
We didn’t see that on a big red bus, did we?

3) No Brexit has become more likely than no deal.

The government now claims that if MPs vote down the deal, halting Brexit will be more likely than a no-deal Brexit.

We are crystal clear: Scotland, and the UK, are better off in the European Union. This view is backed by the UK and Scottish government’s own economic analyses, which state that Brexit under every scenario would make us poorer and disproportionately hurt the most underprivileged in our society compared to the status quo.

We hugely benefit from freedom of movement, consumer protections, workers’ rights and environmental regulations that come from the EU. Removing us from this only damages Scotland’s economy and society.

4) It’s time for Parliament to ‘take back control’ of the process.

Voting against Theresa May’s deal does not mean exiting the EU without a deal. There is no support for No Deal in Parliament, and it is crucial that Parliament asserts itself and takes control of the process from this shambolic UK government.

The best option, for now, is to extend or revoke Article 50 and to allow time to legislate for a second referendum with the option to remain in the EU.

Any responsible government would rule out ‘no deal’, but this government won’t because it’s being held to ransom by hard-right Tory Brexiteers.

5) Scotland deserves better – the SNP will vote down this disastrous deal.

Let’s be clear: in 2016, Scotland – and every single one of its 32 council areas – voted emphatically to remain.

The SNP was the first party to produce a credible compromise proposal to stay in the Single Market and the Customs Union. However, the Tories were completely deaf to sensible demands and rejected them without consideration. Scotland’s interests, all along the way, were completely ignored by this reckless Tory government.

SNP MPs proudly stand up for their constituents and will not allow Scotland to be dragged down the Brexit cliff against its will. We will vote down this deal tomorrow.