Nicola Sturgeon’s Statement to Parliament on EU Referendum

Today Nicola Sturgeon addressed the Scottish Parliament and set up the steps she’ll take to secure Scotland’s place in Europe. You can read the speech in full here. 

Here’s a summary of the actions she set out.

The SNP are determined to protect Scotland’s relationship with the European Union.

Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear that she will make sure that Scotland’s voice is heard as widely as possible – in London, in Brussels and by EU member states.

Members of the Scottish Government have already had discussions with representatives from the Republic of Ireland, London, Gibraltar, Slovakia, Germany and France.

Tomorrow, Nicola Sturgeon will make an initial visit to Brussels to set out Scotland’s position to representatives of the major groups in the European Parliament, and to the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.

Nicola Sturgeon has appointed an expert group to advise the Scottish Government on securing Scotland’s relationship with the EU.

The group – the Standing Council on Europe – will be chaired by Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of Glasgow, and is made of up of specialists in European, financial, business and diplomatic matters.

A list of the members invited to take part is available here.

We are reassuring EU citizens living in Scotland that they are welcome here.

The First Minister will host a summit of Consuls General from all EU member states over the course of next week to provide further reassurance. The Deputy First Minister is also taking steps to reassure EU students of their continued place in our academic community.

An intensive programme of engagement is being undertaken to reassure businesses.

Scottish Government Ministers are talking to Scotland’s businesses to reassure them that as of now Scotland remains firmly in the EU – trade and business should continue as normal. Scotland remains a stable and attractive place for business and investment.

If it becomes clear that independence is the best way to secure Scotland’s place in the EU then it will be on the table and will be a decision for the people of Scotland to take.

The necessary legislation for a second independence referendum is being prepared to ensure that it is a deliverable option.