Nicola at Number 10 to set out Scotland’s priorities

On Monday Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron met for the first time since May, and top of the First Minister’s agenda for discussion was the deeply damaging Tory Trade Union Bill.

The Trade Union Bill is strongly opposed by the SNP, and last month the Scottish Parliament also put its opposition to the Bill on record – by 104 votes to 14 against the Bill.

The First Minister made it clear that it would be unacceptable for the UK Government to impose this bill on Scotland.

Unfortunately the Prime Minister did not share the concerns of the SNP and those across Scottish society about this assault on the trade union movement. The SNP will continue to work with others to find ways to prevent this damaging legislation coming into force north of the border.

The First Minister and Prime Minister also discussed the devolution of new tax and spend powers to Scotland. It is vital that Scotland does not lose out from changes to the way that the Scottish budget is calculated when these powers are transferred.

The SNP want to use the limited new tax and spending powers coming from the Scotland Bill to create a fairer society and grow the economy, but it is vital that Scotland is not worse off. If the agreement is not right, Scotland could lose hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

At the meeting Nicola stated that the SNP want the Scotland Bill to pass into law before the Scottish elections, but that she would not sign up to a deal that is unfair to Scotland.