National Assemblies: what our members said

Over the past month we have held three National Assemblies in Ayr, Aviemore and Edinburgh on the opportunities of independence. Each event was buzzing with enthusiastic conversation and debate on how Scotland can reach its full potential.

We asked some of the members that attended what they thought of the day – here’s what they said.


Moni Tagore, Bonnyrigg

Like everyone else in here I have strong opinions. All of us in the party do. My primary aim for being here today was to hear other people’s opinions. I’ve been looking to hear other people’s ideas that may influence my thinking.

I think the format has worked quite well today. I’ve had conversations with people I otherwise would never normally have had access to. It’s been really quite insightful to hear their views. It was very well intentioned and well executed.



Alison Anderson, Edinburgh

We’ve had a great day today with a fantastic group of people from all walks of life and different age groups to share ideas. I joined a group that was focusing on the creative industries and how we’re going to nourish and value them, and allow the creative industries to flourish in an independent Scotland.

I felt really inspired. Some of the topics that came up were great and never occurred to us before. I really look forward to finding out how we can take these ideas forward.



Euan Hyslop, North Edinburgh

It’s been a really good day. I’ve been involved in some very exciting conversations with some very impassioned groups on lots of different subjects. The last conversation was about land reform. People had lots to say. Before that, we talked about social cohesion and creating a more equal society.

One of the good things about this format is that people from a grassroots level have been able to come together and have their say on party policy. And meet people from different walks of life to share ideas. It’s been a great day.



Iona Currie, Sutherland

I came to Aviemore to discuss the Sustainable Growth Commission but I actually found the discussion was much further reaching.

Latterly there was a very important point and it was about community buyouts and community ownership and community engagement at a very local level. And the thought was that if people could be confident about their own independence at a local level, then that naturally transpires to feeling confident about independence as a nation.



Ian Forrester, Badenoch & Strathspey

I didn’t know what to expect so I came with a very open mind. I found it very stimulating and I found the whole range of questions where completely different to what I thought they’d be. I thought it was very, very good.