Mistakes made at Westminster leave Scots tens of thousands worse off

Damning new research from the Centre for Cities think tank has laid bare the impact of continued Westminster control in Scotland.

The analysis found that the average person in Scotland has missed out on £23,370 in disposable income, based on 1998-2010 predicted trends – £13,170 higher than the UK average.

Those who live in my home city Aberdeen have been impacted the most, with individuals missing out on £45,240 in disposable income.

And Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, could have been £23,500 a year better off, while Dundee and Edinburgh could have been £17,730 and £16,030 better off respectively.

This latest analysis demonstrates the damage of continued Westminster control in Scotland.

Whether it’s Brexit, austerity, or the disastrous Truss-Kwarteng mini budget, Scotland continues to suffer the economic consequences of decisions made by Westminster.

Cities like Aberdeen have the potential to lead the way when it comes to things like the green renewable energy goldrush, which in turn would generate jobs and financial security for decades to come.

And yet, because of the economic incompetence of Westminster, individuals find themselves a staggering £45,240 worse off.

But politics aside, it further underlines what Scots of every opinion and affiliation realise; that Westminster is a world away from the realities and challenges we face here.

Is it any wonder that folk are feeling left behind?

It is clear that the only way to make Scotland Tory-free at the Westminster election is to vote SNP.