Kate Forbes

This election contest is about independence.

It is about who is best equipped, and who has the best plan to achieve independence.

It is also about the society we want Scotland to be – where equality of opportunity is the birth right of every child, and poverty becomes history.

Independence is a means to an end.

An end to poverty.

The stakes are high and continuity won’t cut it – if we do the same things, we will get the same result.

This time, we must deliver independence.

My leadership pitch is based on competence – with a track record of delivery. And it is based on persuading No voters to vote Yes.

It’s not enough to defend devolution against Westminster attacks, we need to shift the dial on support for independence and do so in every democratic way.

Independence will be achieved by the combination of good governance at Holyrood, and the party members doing their job in the development of policy.

That means meeting the day-to-day needs of the people, delivering economic growth, investing in the NHS and other vital public services.

Good governance is also political.

Deliver it, and more and more people will come to believe in us, and in what we promise to deliver with independence.

Our membership is large, with experience and talent. Central to my plan is that they become more engaged in policymaking than ever before.

And, as party leader, I will implement an Independence Delivery Plan to explode the myth that Scotland can’t afford to become independent – when the truth is we can’t afford not to be independent.

I’m standing to be the leader who is serious about delivering independence.