Humza Yousaf


Only with independence can we unleash our nation’s potential.

Independence is normal and inevitable.

As SNP Leader and First Minister, I will build support for independence to new heights, where the will of the Scottish people can no longer be denied.

I will lead from the front as First Activist, taking the case to the people of Scotland.

I will harness the expertise across our party to shape a winning case for independence – empowering and equipping you with the inspiring vision, hard facts and independence plan.

I will build on our progressive agenda that has won election after election and brought so many to our cause.

I will build a Wellbeing Economy, with people at the heart, to give every child in Scotland the best start in life.

I am the only candidate who will always defend Scotland’s democracy, standing up to any Westminster power grab on our way to independence.

We have a hard-won pro-independence majority Government in our Scottish Parliament. I’ll protect that majority; not squander that achievement by causing division. I will build bridges across our movement.

And I am the only candidate unequivocally committed to protecting and advancing the rights of all; a First Minister who will serve everyone.

Our party needs a fresh approach to leadership, but one rooted in what has made the SNP so successful.

We are a party of progress. If we go backwards, we will lose support for our party and for independence.

We need a leader with experience, with the drive to kickstart the independence campaign and the ability to connect with people.

We need a leader who will listen and unite.

Together, we will deliver independence.

For when we grow sustained majority support, it will be politically impossible for Westminster to deny Scotland’s democratic right to choose our own future.

We all joined the SNP because we believe in independence.

Entrust me with the role of SNP Leader, and I will work alongside you to deliver independence and to build a better country for us all.

Vote Humza Yousaf 1 and let’s make it happen.