How the EU protects workplace rights

You’d be surprised by just how many of the rights we take for granted at work are actually guaranteed by the EU. Many of these rights only exist because of EU laws or court decisions. 

Given half a chance the Tory government at Westminster will roll back hard-won workers’ rights. A vote to Remain is a vote to safeguard workplace protections we all take for granted.

Here are just five ways the EU has strengthened your rights in the workplace.

  • Being in the EU safeguards your right to a paid holiday. The right to 20 days paid leave each year and the right not to be compelled to work more than 48 hours a week.

  • EU laws protect women’s rights during pregnancy. The EU gives women the right to statutory paid maternity leave and the right to take paid time off work to attend ante-natal examinations. It also protects women against dismissal during pregnancy and maternity leave.

  • Your right to equal pay is written into EU law. EU law and court decisions have forced the UK government to do more to realise this goal.

  • Protections against discrimination against you on the basis of age, religion, belief or sexual orientation discrimination were introduced as a direct result of EU laws.

  • EU law keeps you safe at work. EU regulations have led to improvements in health and safety laws here in the UK. The Tory government has already indicated that it would roll back some measures if it could.