How Scotland played our role in raising wages at Amazon

Scotland is leading by example on fair pay, with the highest proportion of employees paid the real Living Wage of any UK nation.

The SNP Scottish Government was the first in the UK to pay the real Living Wage to all staff and are working to increase the number of businesses that pay it too.

Last month Nicola Sturgeon announced that, in future, the real Living Wage would be a criteria for the award of job-related public sector grants.

Scotland’s ambition to be a Fair Work Nation quickly got the attention of progressive US Senator, Bernie Sanders.



Now Amazon have announced that they’ll raise wages in both the USA and UK. We’re proud that Scotland played a role in the movement of workers, trade unions and campaigners across the world that have made this happen.




At Westminster, where powers over Minimum Wage law lie, we’ll keep fighting for a real Living Wage for all workers aged over 18.