How being in the EU benefits our environment

Being in the EU has been good for our environment. The EU has taken a lead on big global issues like climate change and pollution, it has guaranteed ambitious environmental standards across Europe and it has taken action to protect natural habitats.

Here are just five ways a vote to Remain in the EU is a vote to protect our environment.

  • Being in the EU makes it easier to work with our partners across Europe to tackle big global issues like climate change. EU cooperation was vital in securing the global climate change agreement in Paris last year.

  • Our beaches are cleaner as a result of EU action. While successive Tory governments resisted tougher environmental standards for our beaches, EU legislation now guarantees that these basic standards are maintained.

  • Action by the EU has established and strengthened wildlife conservation action taken by governments across the UK, slowing the loss of some habitats and species.

  • After years of Tory governments dragging their heels on the issue, it was the EU that banned poisonous leaded petrol across Europe.

  • There have been big falls in air pollution from industry across Europe since the EU began tackling the issue in the 1970s.