SNP Annual National Conference 2020

SNP Annual National Conference 2020
Annual National Conference 2020 will take place online on 28th – 30th November 2020.

Our conference continues to get bigger each year, attracting thousands of delegates from all corners of Scotland, as well as organisations, businesses, observers and media from across the UK and further afield.

What to expect from our online conference?

Annual National Conference will take place on a platform called Hopin. The event will be organised just like a Conference venue, with a main stage, fringe events, exhibition booths and a reception area.

The main stage will host the keynote speeches, debates and resolutions to shape our party’s future. BSL signers and closed captioning will be available for all sessions on the main stage.

Interactive fringe events covering a wide range of interesting topics and training opportunities for members will be held before and after each main stage session.

Virtual exhibition booths will be available to allow you to interact with a wide range of organisations just as you usually would.

Networking, an enjoyable part of every conference, is also available through the Turn Your Chair function, allowing you to meet with members from across the country, making new connections or catching up with friends.

Our online Conference will have interactive options for all members allowing each member to take part in a way they feel comfortable.

Once you have registered for SNP Conference 2020 you will receive an email asking you to ‘Accept Registration’ to the event. Once this has been clicked you will receive an email with a live link to join the Conference from 28th November.

SNP Members
For further information about attending conference as a delegate or member visitor, as well as the process of submitting nominations, resolutions and amendments, please log in to

Engagement Opportunities
For further information about attending conference as an observer or applying for media accreditation; as well as taking an exhibition booth, organising a fringe event or any other engagement opportunity please visit our Conference Opportunities Page:

The final Conference Agenda and Fringe Guide will be available here closer to the date of the conference. Check back here for updates.

If you have any questions about SNP Conference, please get in touch.


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