Q&A with Scottish National Party President Michael Russell

Since May last year, the Scottish Parliament has had a clear majority of Members who are in favour of independence and committed to giving the people of Scotland that choice in a referendum.

The Scottish Government is determined that the choice people make on independence will be an informed one.

Independence in itself does not guarantee success for any country. For Scotland, the aspiration of a wealthier, fairer and more successful country will depend on democratic decisions made post-independence and the good stewardship of governments elected.

But the point is this: in an independent Scotland, crucial decision-making power will rest with the people who live here – not with Westminster governments that do not command the support of people in Scotland, and which pursue policies, for example, Brexit, that are deeply damaging to Scotland’s interests.

Please come along and get involved in the discussions about Scotland’s future.

This is a Free event and, you can register a place here.

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