Mid Scotland and Fife Regional Assembly

SNP Members from Mid Scotland and Fife are invited to join this Regional Assembly to share their ideas related to independence.

Tickets cost £7.50 and you can purchase them here. 

This event will be focused on (a) How we win the general election and (b) How we create a compelling case for independence.

In addition to guest speakers and a panel session, we will be hosting five break out topics with each member having the opportunity to participate in two topics.

The same five topics will be run twice during the two break out sessions. You will be asked to select your two top choices, plus a back up option, and will be assigned your first and second session based on those preferences. Whilst we cannot guarantee that all members will be able to attend their top two choices, we will work hard to try and make that happen.

Break Out Sessions:

  • Route to Independence: Discussing the process
  • Collaborating with the Yes Movement: Establishing a strategic approach
  • What Matters to Voters: Identifying the issues
  • Campaign Messaging: Shaping the Independence narrative
  • Building the Campaign Plan: How do we drive votes

Notes will be taken throughout the event and during all of the breakout sessions, which will be reported back to the NEC in September. These discussions will culminate in our October Conference in Aberdeen where the path to independence will be agreed.

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