LGBTQ+ History Month: In Conversation with Duncan Lustig-Prean

Join us for a conversation with Duncan Lustig-Prean, one of the pivotal actors in ending the ban on homosexuality in the UK military.

Until 1999, it was still legal to dismiss members for homosexuality. This changed when, after being dismissed from the Royal Navy in 1994, Duncan, along with John Beckett, took his case to the European Court of Human Rights resulting in the 1999 victory.

We presently stand in a time where our place on the ECHR is under threat and the rights of LGBT+ people are being subject to the whims of what is popular. It is essential that we remember how important the institutions of democracy and the willingness to fight against popular opinion (at the time, 68% opposed ending the ban on homosexuality in the military) are to achieving equality.

Please join us the celebrate LGBT History Month, the celebrate the fights we’ve won, and to consider how we continue the fight for trans rights and intersex rights.

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