LGBT History Month: Out for Independence welcomes Zoë Playdon

This LGBT History Month, Out for Independence is delighted to host an evening with Zoë Playdon.

Last year Professor Playdon published The Hidden Case of Ewan Forbes, “the hidden history of how trans people lost their human rights in the 1960s, told through the life of trans man Sir Ewan Forbes, whose legal case was considered so threatening the media was gagged, those involved sworn to secrecy, and all records of it concealed for decades.” The man at the centre of this landmark case also happens to have been an SNP member, and so this is a unique piece of both LGBT and party history combined.

Join us for a talk and Q&A session on the evening of Thursday 10 February to hear more about Sir Ewan Forbes and Professor Playdon’s research. Her book can be bought at bookshops everywhere and online here.

The event will take place over Zoom and is open to all SNP members.

Please click the ‘attend’ button to register. You may need to enter your membership details first if you aren’t already signed in to MySNP.

Registration closes at 12pm on Thursday 10 February and your Zoom link will be sent soon afterwards.

If you require any accessibility assistance to attend, please email 

Zoë Playdon is the Emeritus Professor of Medical Humanities at the University of London and a Council member of the Association for Medical Humanities. She holds five degrees, including two doctorates. Zoë is a former co-chair of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists [GLADD] and co-founded the Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity in 1994. She has thirty years’ experience of front-line work in LGBTI human rights, including supporting and advising on UK and European legal cases. The Hidden Case of Ewan Forbes is her first book.

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