Leith Walk SNP: A timely reminder…Why are we campaigning to get back in the EU?

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IN-PERSON: Please Join in person at the Youth Hostel, 9 Haddington Place, from 1845 to buy a drink at the bar (soft drinks and alcoholic available) and then catch up with other members in the meeting room – ready to start at 1900

ZOOM: Join on Zoom from 1845 onwards ready to start at 1900

A timely reminder…Why are we campaigning to get back in the EU?

Wednesday 1st May 2024⋅18:45 – 21:00


The Leith Walk SNP Branch is delighted to welcome our friends at YESForEu as our guest speakers this month. pusual venue at the Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel, 9 Haddington Place, EH7 4AL (a mobility-friendly location) on Wednesday the 1st of May 2024. It will start at 6.45 pm, and due to the interest generated by our guest speakers, the meeting has been opened up to the Edinburgh North & Leith and the other Edinburgh branches, together with our friends at SNP London, Leith Greens, YesForEU and other Indy supporting local orgs.

The EU is enlarging, and many Eastern European nations, including Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, are joining in the process. Can Scotland be part of this enlargement?

States wishing to join the EU often negotiate an Association Agreement as a first step, even before becoming a candidate for membership. So what is an Association Agreement? How does it work, and what are its benefits? Scotland could negotiate an Association Agreement providing tariff-free access to the Single Market. In return, we would commit to achieving full alignment with the EU in all areas that affect trade. The time that this alignment will take will be affected by the extent of the divergence or non-conformity in each area – for example, trade borders, currency, farm payments and renewable energy.

We want you to help us begin the process of writing an Association Agreement for Scotland by looking closely at these key, non-aligned, trade-related areas. We need your suggestions on how alignment can be accelerated once Scotland becomes independent. During the workshop, there will be short, informative videos to watch, and some excerpts from Scottish government reports will be used to highlight some of the issues that could prevent early alignment.

Please note, before attending this workshop, you are strongly advised to watch this excellent video by Dr Kirsty Hughes, which explains what an Association Agreement is and how it can be used as the first step to joining the EU: What is an Association Agreement?

This interactive workshop is free, and is essential for anyone and everyone who wants to see independent Scotland in the EU.

After our guest speakers, regular SNP Branch matters will be discussed 2030-2100. We are hoping to see many more new and old faces. Please join on Zoom or in person.

After the meeting, please join us for a drink in the Windsor Bar opposite the Youth Hostel From 2030 onwards.

Now is the time For Scotland And Europe. Let’s get back into the EU pronto.

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