Growth Commission Workshop

This event offers the chance for SNP members from across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to come together to discuss the Sustainable Growth Commission Report.

The event is hosted by Gillian Martin MSP and Doug Daniel, SNP Political Education Convener. Also attending will be members of the Growth Commission Roger Mullin and Kate Forbes MSP

The SNP has begun a new conversation about the future – one full of hope and ambition for a better Scotland. This conversation is informed by the commission’s report: 354 pages of economic analysis and recommendations drawing on evidence and learning from the most successful countries in the world. All with goal of addressing crucial questions:

How do we grow an innovative economy and create the jobs of the future?
How do we reduce the gap between rich and poor?
How do we ensure the benefits of growth are shared more evenly across the country?
And how can we attract the best from across the world to live and work here?

In short, how do we harness Scotland’s enormous potential to match the best in the world?

The answers to these questions, and the decisions we reach in the coming months, will ensure we build a winning case for independence.

The SNP is driven by its membership, so now it is over to us all to discuss and debate the findings of the report.

Event open only to SNP members. Please bring SNP membership card on the day to gain entry. You can register to attend this event, free! There will be a donation bucket at the event to help defray the costs involved of hosting it, with any extra funds collected being split equally between the Constituency Associations in Aberdeen City and Shire.

Please register for the event at:

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