Bathgate SNP – National Day of Action Street Stall

Join us on Saturday 17th of November for the Bathgate Street Stall, where we will be discussing ‘The Big Questions’ with the people of Bathgate.

We will have various message boards positioned throughout the precinct with topical questions: ‘What’s your thoughts on Brexit?’, ‘Should Universal Credit be halted?’ etc.

Also if you can’t join us at the Street Stall, get involved in our Saltire Selfie Super Saturday.

The aim of the game is to share our positive message of Hope for an Independent Scotland on Social Media at the same time we are out in the centre of the town.

1. TAKE A SELFIE – Using a ‘WE CAN’ Sign or a Saltire.
2. ‘WE CAN’ – Tell us why you believe ‘WE CAN’ be a successful Independent Nation.
3. SHARE YOUR SELFIE – Send your Selfie and your ‘WE CAN’ message by Direct Message to our

We hope you can stop by the stall on Saturday and if not remember and share your message of ‘Hope’.

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