Even Suella Braverman is to the left of Starmer’s Labour on Child Poverty

Even Suella Braverman now appears to be positioned to the left of Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour party, as evidenced by a recent statement from the far-right Tory MP and former Home Secretary, who called for an end to the poverty-inducing two-child cap and rape clause.

Labour’s Wes Streeting defended Labour’s support for the Tory policy, and its associated ‘rape clause’, despite it being a key driver of child poverty in the UK.

The SNP have long-called for the policy to be scrapped arguing for a fairer and more just approach to tackling poverty. In Scotland, the SNP Scottish Government has introduced policies such as the Scottish Child Payment, which are not subject to the cruel two-child cap and are responsible for lifting 100,000 children out of poverty.

It’s a wake up call for Labour when even Suella Braverman, the darling of the far-right Tories, is calling for an end to the cruel and pernicious two child limit.

Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party cannot be taken seriously on child poverty while they want to maintain damaging Tory welfare cuts.

What kind of change in Labour is Keir Starmer speaking about when he demands the support of ordinary people but is willing to continue with Tory policies that are hurting society?

The two child cap and associated rape clause is an appalling policy that punishes families who are already struggling to get by as a result of the Tories’ cost of living crisis.

In stark contrast to the policies of Tory Westminster that have been backed by the Labour party, the SNP Government have been delivering policies, like the Scottish Child Payment, are set to keep an estimated 100,000 children out of poverty this year.

The SNP will continue to campaign for policies that will support families rather than punish them. For representation of Scotland’s values and a strong voice in support of ordinary people vote SNP at the next election.