EU Withdrawal Bill: explained in 200 words

By , 13/07/17

The EU Withdrawal Bill (the ‘Repeal Bill’) is currently making it’s way through Westminster. Here are the facts you need to know.




The EU Withdrawal Bill


The Bill will repeal the law governing the UK’s membership of the EU and will ensure current EU laws become UK law. It will also mean that powers currently held by the EU return to the UK. 



What it means for Scotland


Some powers that will be returned from the EU, like support for farmers or control of our seas, fall within areas that have been the responsibility of Holyrood since 1999.

Both David Mundell and Ruth Davidson promised that these powers would return to Holyrood.



But instead, this Bill has become a Westminster power grab. It will return powers solely to Westminster and prevents the Scottish Parliament legislating in areas where it should have responsibility.



It will also allow UK Ministers to make changes in devolved areas without any Scottish Parliament involvement.




What happens now


At Westminster SNP MPs will vote against the Bill, which does not respect the devolution settlement. Likewise, SNP MSPs would vote against giving the Scottish Parliament’s consent for the Repeal Bill.


The SNP will always stand up for Scotland, join us today.

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