Scottish EU Continuity Bill and UK Withdrawal Bill: in 200 words

The UK Withdrawal Bill is making its way through Westminster and the Scottish Government has passed a Scottish EU Continuity Bill.


The EU Withdrawal Bill


The Bill is designed to ensure that laws currently subject to EU law work properly after Brexit.



What it means for Scotland


Some devolved powers like support for farmers or control of our seas, are exercised at an EU level and are subject to EU law.  If Scotland is no longer in the EU those powers must remain the responsibility of Holyrood.

Both David Mundell and Ruth Davidson promised that these powers would return to Holyrood.


Instead, the Bill makes a power grab, returning powers to Westminster; preventing Holyrood legislating in existing devolved areas; and allowing UK Ministers to make changes in devolved areas without Holyrood’s consent.



All parties on the Scottish Parliament Finance and Constitution Committee said the Bill doesn’t respect devolution.

UK government amendments to the Bill have failed to remove the power grab.


The Scottish Continuity Bill


SNP, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Green MSPs have voted to withhold Holyrood’s consent for the UK Withdrawal Bill.

To ensure that Scotland’s laws are not disrupted after Brexit and to prevent a power grab, we have already passed a Scottish EU Continuity Bill.