Elect Rhuaraidh Fleming for North East Fife

North East Fife is a very special place to me.

This is the place I have spent the last decade working and campaigning in for the benefit of our communities. This place and its people are important to me and that is why I want to be your MSP.

I want to put my experience – for example campaigning against bank closures in the East Neuk, for a new rail halt in Newburgh and St Andrews, for outdoor facilities in Tayport and for sports funding in Cupar – to further good use as your MSP.

I want to make North East Fife the best possible place for everybody who lives, works and studies here.

My local priorities will include:

  • Helping local businesses recover from the pandemic
  • Improving our roads
  • Ensuring good, sustainable jobs are available for people who live here
  • Helping local communities and groups do what they can to help Scotland reach its climate change targets

My national priorities will include:

  • Ensuring Scotland recovers from Covid in a green, just, sustainable way
  • Helping Scotland meet its world leading, net-zero climate targets
  • Campaigning to rejoin the EU as soon as possible to regain the rights and freedoms that were taken from us by Brexit
  • Giving Scotland a say on its future by enabling an independence referendum to take place post-Covid.

I want to do all of this and so much more for you as your MSP.

I want you to have the right to decide your own future. The opinion poll carried out for the Courier newspaper found that a majority of the people of Scotland want to see Scotland as an independent country in the EU.

I am the only candidate standing in North East Fife who supports independence and will campaign, as soon as possible, to regain the rights and freedoms that were removed from us against our will by Brexit.

The Westminster government has forced a catastrophic hard Brexit on us, which we haven’t voted for.

They have since followed that up with a power grab, removing powers from our Scottish Parliament.

Now we are being told that we are not allowed to have a referendum on independence and, according to the Liberal Democrat leader, that rejoining the EU is “for the birds”.

I say that independence and regaining our EU membership are of utmost priority.

I believe in Scotland, in our right to choose and in independence.

On May 6, we can choose to keep delivering progress, put Scotland’s recovery firmly into Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.

To elect a strong Team SNP to take Scotland forward, vote for Rhuaraidh Fleming in the North East Fife constituency, and for the SNP on the Mid Scotland and Fife regional list.

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