Elect Paul McLennan for East Lothian

Paul McLennan is the SNP’s candidate for East Lothian. He has been an SNP Councillor for 14 years and was also a previous Council Leader.

Paul was also a previous Board Member of NHS Lothian, Regional Advisory Board Member of Scottish Enterprise, and a member of the Commission on School Reform. Paul also currently works in Strategic Communications.

Paul’s priorities for East Lothian

Scotland’s future, Scotland’s choice

On 6 May, Scotland faces its most important election for years. Scotland has the choice to decide its own future, its own path and set our own priorities.

NHS recovery

Working with the NHS to ensure East Lothian health services recover from the pandemic as quickly as they can.

Economic recovery

Continuing to support our local high streets, food and drink, and tourism sectors, as they recover from the COVID lockdown.

Tackling poverty

Many families have struggled during the pandemic and prior to that. I will focus on reducing child poverty and supporting families.

In 2019-20, the SNP invested around £2 billion in support targeted at low-income households. The Best Start Grant has put more money in the pockets of 2,460 low-income families in East Lothian.

The SNP has introduced the groundbreaking Scottish Child Payment to tackle child poverty head on – benefitting around 7,700 children in 4,500 families across East Lothian.

Delivering affordable housing

I will work with Scottish Government to ensure more council and housing association homes are built to meet our growing population.

Since 2007, 6,154 new homes have been built in East Lothian under the SNP. This includes 649 council homes and 657 housing association homes.

Addressing climate change

Scotland is a world leader in tackling climate change. Scottish Government legislation commits us to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 at the latest, and being carbon neutral by 2040.

We’re tackling climate change with an ambitious package of measures, including £250 million funding for peatland restoration and £2 billion for infrastructure investment.

Scotland’s emissions have almost halved since 1990 and we continue to outperform the UK.

Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands – not those of Boris Johnson

Polls show a majority in Scotland is in favour of Scottish independence, and we believe the people should have their say on the issue in a post-pandemic referendum.

We look forward to Scotland re-joining the European Union and the international community.

East Lothian voted to remain in the EU and I believe strongly that Scotland’s will to remain in the EU must be honoured.

As your local SNP candidate, I would be honoured if you would vote for me with your first vote and cast your second vote for the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister. On May 6, make it Both Votes SNP.

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