Elect Kaukab Stewart for Glasgow Kelvin

I am absolutely delighted to be standing as your SNP candidate here in Glasgow Kelvin. This is my home, it’s where I live with my family. I know these communities, I understand the challenges they face and I have the ideas and the determination to tackle issues which affect all of us.

I’ve been a teacher for almost 30 years now and during that time I’ve taught in communities across Scotland, many of which faced real challenges.

The SNP has made huge progress towards improving Scottish education, but there is still work to do. I want to use my experience from the front line of Scottish education to close the attainment gap once and for all.

Here are just some of my priorities for Glasgow Kelvin:

Putting Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands

Kelvin voted ‘Yes’ in 2014 and overwhelmingly to remain in the EU in 2016. Whoever represents this constituency after May’s election has a duty to amplify the voices of the people who live here and secure their right to decide the future of our country.

Tackling the climate emergency

Tackling climate change has to be a priority for all of us. Its impact is being felt right here in Glasgow Kelvin. As your MSP, I will work collaboratively with local and national government to find long term solutions.

I want to see more high quality cycling facilities, more electric buses to improve air quality in key areas such as Thornwood and Byres Road, and better insulated homes fit for the future. In Scotland, we have some of the most ambitious targets for reducing emissions and in 2020, 97% of Scotland’s electricity demand was met by renewable sources.

We’ve also made Scotland’s public transport system more environmentally friendly by electrifying the Glasgow to Edinburgh rail line – and if re-elected, we want to put ScotRail in public hands to make sure this is a service which has workers and passengers as its number one priority.

More affordable homes

Since coming into government, the SNP has built almost 100,000 new affordable homes such as those you’ll have seen in Anderston and Partick. At this election, we’re committing ourselves to build an additional 100,000 affordable homes – 70% of which will be for social rent.

Tackling child poverty

As a teacher, I’ve witnessed the heartbreaking reality of child poverty in my classroom. The SNP have said that addressing this will be a central focus of our programme for government if re-elected.

We’ve already committed to doubling the Scottish Child Payment from £10 per week to £20 per week. This policy has been described as “game-changing” by anti-poverty campaigners. I can’t wait to see what this increase will achieve.

Education is absolutely crucial if we want to break the cycle of deprivation. Under the SNP, we’re now on track to deliver 1,140 hours of free high quality childcare to children in nursery schools across Scotland.

We’ve also set out plans to provide every child, from P1 to S6, with a laptop or a tablet. This will help to not only address the technological inequality in Scottish education, but equip our young people to thrive in the modern world.

Creating a more equal Scotland

Over the past 14 years the SNP has done a huge amount of work to address the inequalities that exist in our society. Despite this though, many marginalised groups still feel excluded and are far too often the victims of discrimination.

In the history of the Scottish Parliament, a woman of colour has never been elected as an MSP. At this election, here in Glasgow Kelvin, we have a chance to change that by electing me to be your voice in Holyrood.

It would be an absolute privilege to represent this constituency and everyone who lives here. As your MSP I will strive to be responsive and accessible. If elected, I will work tirelessly to build on the work of Sandra White and create a fairer, more equal and independent Scotland.

On May 6, we can choose to keep delivering progress, put Scotland’s recovery firmly into Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.

To elect a strong Team SNP to take Scotland forward, vote for Kaukab Stewart in the Glasgow Kelvin constituency, and for the SNP on the Glasgow regional list.

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