Elect Joan McAlpine for Dumfriesshire

On 6 May, you have the opportunity to vote for the government you trust.

Even people who were not previously SNP supporters say that the Scottish Government has dealt with the pandemic in a more competent way than Westminster.

Boris Johnson’s Tories have imposed the hardest of Brexits on Scotland – even though we voted against leaving the EU.

Brexit is a disaster for our rural economy. It hits every person whose income depends on a healthy agricultural sector – farmers, dairymen, fencers, drivers, food producers and builders. When local people are hit in the pocket, local shops struggle.

Even before the pandemic hit, polls showed 61% of people trusted the Scottish Government to work in Scotland’s best interests, compared with just 15% for the UK Government.

Delivering for Dumfriesshire

👶 1,140 hours funded early learning and childcare for all local families in August 2021.
🍎 4,491 local children benefitting from free school meals.
📦 3,912 baby boxes delivered.
👷‍♀️ 9,681 Modern Apprentices started.
🚓 31.2% decrease in recorded crime.
🏥 £320.6 million for NHS Dumfries & Galloway this year – up by £4.5 million.
🏠 1,621 social and 614 affordable homes built in Dumfries & Galloway.
🤝 4,065 families receiving Best Start Grant or Foods payments.
💛 £460.20 extra for every unpaid carer in the region.
💷 13,400 local children to benefit from the SNP’s new Scottish Child Payment.

Don’t risk it with the Tories – put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands

Now Boris Johnson’s Tories want to use Brexit to slash the powers of the Scottish Parliament – risking popular SNP policies like free university tuition.

Child poverty in the UK has risen under Conservative governments, and now affects more than one in four households.

The SNP government, by contrast, has introduced measures like the Baby Box and the new Scottish Child Payment which gives an extra £520 a year to low income families with children under six.

I ask you to put your trust in the SNP, even if you have not voted for us before.

Only the SNP can beat the Tories in Dumfriesshire. Labour trailed
a distant third in 2016.

Please consider lending me your vote – either by post or at the ballot box on 6 May.

Let’s make history in Dumfriesshire!

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