Day Two at #SNP19

SNP Spring Conference continued today in Edinburgh, with a keynote address by First Minister and Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Following on from yesterday’s Yougov/Times poll showing 49% in favour of independence, today’s Panelbase polling put Yes at 52% in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

The morning session saw a number of resolutions debated, including developing a roadmap to nuclear disarmament, legislating for a Citizens’ Assembly, and building a Scottish Statistics Agency to produce accurate data on the Scottish economy.

The day’s first ministerial address was given by Jeane Freeman MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, who criticised the punitive health and social system implemented by the UK Government. Freeman laid out her vision for an independent Scotland with dignity and compassion at its heart, and announced targeting £70m of additional investment in improving Scotland’s health service.

Read Jeane Freeman’s full address to conference here.

SNP Leader in Westminster, Ian Blackford MP, highlighted how Scotland had been ignored at every stage of the Brexit process and called for the people of Scotland to make their voices heard at the upcoming European Elections.

Read Ian Blackford’s speech to conference here.

Over lunch, the campaign group English Scots for Yes held a photocall outside conference, promoting the inclusive nature of the independence movement and calling for everyone to play their part in building Scotland’s future, regardless of their origin.

The conference highlight was the keynote address given by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who announced the launch of a major new drive to distribute ‘An independent Scotland – a household guide’ to every home in Scotland.

The First Minister rejected moves by the UK Government to block Scottish democracy by standing in the way of a new independence referendum. She also announced a £150m initiative to help first-time buyers in Scotland, as well as declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’, inspired by the international movement of school-strikers campaigning against climate change.

Read Nicola Sturgeon’s full speech here.