Championing Scotland’s businesses

I am delighted to introduce you to the first issue of our new magazine dedicated to business life in Scotland today.

SNP Insight will keep you informed each quarter about all aspects of Scotland’s vibrant business sector and how the SNP is working with the business community to build a brighter future for everyone.

We want Scotland to be the most competitive place in the world to do business and to invest. We want all our people to share in the success of a prosperous, sustainable and fair economy. SNP Insight will highlight the people and policies making this vision a reality.

It’s a fascinating time for Scottish business with a wealth of good news stories to be told. In our first issue, we discuss the impact that major infrastructure projects will have all over Scotland during 2016 – and for years to come. We also hear from two entrepreneurs, a farmer and a chef, about the spectacular growth of Scotland’s food and drink sector.

We are proud to have stood up for Scottish business for the last nine years in government and, of course, with Scottish Parliament days away, we hope to be given the opportunity to do the same in a third term.

With new powers coming it is vitally important that Scotland and Scotland’s business people get the government they deserve, and in this issue I outline a track record that proves an SNP Government can continue to build a successful and dynamic Scotland.

I hope you find SNP Insight informative and a great read, and we look forward to bringing you more exclusive interviews and reports from Scottish business life in the next issue.

You can access the first edition of SNP Insight here. If you’d like to subscribe to future issues of SNP Insight, email with your full name and postal address.

Find out more about how a re-elected SNP government will support Scotland’s businesses.