Brexit news this week

This week marked 20 years since Scotland’s devolution referendum. And the legislation to repeal the UK’s EU membership also took a big step forward at Westminster – threatening to undermine the devolution settlement people in Scotland voted for in 1997.

Here’s what you need to know about the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and everything else Brexit related that happened this week.


The EU (Withdrawal) Bill passed its latest parliamentary hurdle, despite being opposed by all Scottish MPs with the exception of the Tories.





The Scottish Government confirmed their opposition to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which puts 111 Scottish Parliament powers at risk from a power grab.




Labour’s position on Brexit became even more confusing this week. Jeremy Corbyn said that his party was “open for discussion” on Single Market membership – while his spokesperson confirmed they were still in favour of leaving the Single Market.




…and the Labour Leader still seems to be confused about the difference between Single Market membership and EU membership.




HMRC have confirmed that the new customs controls needed after Brexit will cost £800 million and will require 5,000 extra staff. 


And there is growing evidence of discrimination against EU nationals.