Boris Johnson’s position is completely untenable

Sue Gray’s update has revealed 16 parties have taken place in Downing Street during lockdown – 12 of which are being investigated by the police.

The update provides further confirmation of the “one rule for us, another rule for everyone else” attitude of this UK Tory government – and shows that Boris Johnson’s position is completely untenable.

Boris Johnson broke lockdown rules that he has set

After the initial Daily Mirror story broke about the Christmas parties at Downing Street, Boris Johnson said – in the House of Commons on 1 December – that “all guidance was followed completely in No 10.”

On 13 December, he told Sky News: “I certainly broke no rules”.

Sue Gray’s update states that “a number of these gatherings should not have been allowed to take place”, and that they represent “failures of leadership and judgment”.

This is conclusive evidence that the rule-breaking events did happen – those who set the rules broke the rules, while the rest of us followed the rules and made extraordinary sacrifices.

Boris Johnson misled Parliament

It is clear the Prime Minister knew about events, attended them, and was lying to Parliament when he claimed otherwise.

To claim that he thought a party was a “work event” – with tables of alcohol and snacks, and a Downing Street email telling 100 invitees to “bring your own booze” – clearly shows that Boris Johnson is taking everyone for fools.

He must now resign or be removed from office

Misleading Parliament is a resignation matter in itself – but just as important is the fact that the Prime Minister and his Downing Street team were breaking the rules that they had imposed.

There cannot be one rule for Boris Johnson and another for the rest of us. He must now resign or be removed by Tory MPs.

Westminster is broken and Scotland deserves better

Above all, this whole scandal shows that the Westminster system is broken beyond repair.

Whether it’s partying during lockdown, breaking their own rules, or imposing cruel cuts while enriching their cronies, Scotland deserves much better than corrupt UK Tory governments that we consistently reject.

Join the SNP today, sign the independence pledge, and help build a better future.