Be a voter: young people must make their voice heard

According to the Electoral Commission, almost 90 per cent of those eligible to vote in Scotland are registered. But for people aged 18 to 34 more than a quarter of those who can vote are not registered.

Your vote matters. Now more than ever, it is vital to have strong SNP voices standing up for young people in Scotland.
To make your voice heard in the General Election, you have to be registered to vote by 11.59 on Monday 22 May. Here’s why you should do it today.
Why should I vote SNP?
Only strong SNP voices will protect Scotland from an unopposed Tory government and further unnecessary cuts.
We’ll also ensure that Scotland’s voice is heard during Brexit negotiations, to protect our jobs and Scotland’s ability to trade and travel across Europe.
And we’ll make sure Scotland gets a choice on its future once the terms of Brexit are clear. That should always be a decision for Scotland, not Westminster Tories.
What has the SNP ever done for young people?
We’ve scrapped university tuition fees and kept the Education Maintenance Allowance, ditched by the Tories in England.
We’re creating jobs and opportunities for young people. Scotland’s youth unemployment rate is now the lowest on record and the second lowest in the UK.
We’ve built 60,000 affordable homes, helped 20,000 people into home ownership and reduced taxes to make it easier to buy a home.
And we trust our young people. We’ve reduced the voting age for Scottish and local council elections – and we think 16 and 17 year old should have been able to vote in this election too.
How do I register to vote?
It couldn’t be easier to register to vote. Just got to and put your details in by 11.59 on Monday 22 June.
In 2015 the UK government made changes to how we register to vote so if you’re not sure if you’re still registered, give your local council a call to double-check. You can find the right phone number for your council here.
If you’re a student you can register to vote at both your term time and home address – but you can only vote once.

Register to vote today at