Ash Regan

Hello, I’m Ash Regan and I am asking for your vote to be the next Leader of the SNP.

Our party has lost its way of late.

There’s been no progress on independence in the last few years, despite the worst UK governments of all time.

We used to grow support for independence by governing competently, and it worked.

We secured the only majority government in Scottish history and a referendum in which we built support to within a whisker of victory.

The ballot box is the gold standard of democracy.

Since Westminster is preventing Scotland from having its say on independence through a referendum.

Our only legal option is to use the ballot box we do have access to.

At every election going forward, we will make it crystal clear that a majority of votes for the SNP, and other pro-independence parties, will be a democratic mandate for independence.

My priority as leader will be to deliver effective government that responds to the needs of the people of Scotland.

At the same time, we will build the foundations for independence through a dedicated Independence Commission, and launch a new independence campaign, through a National Convention.

I have not waited around in my determination to unite the wider independence movement.

I have already got commitments from fellow pro-independence party leaders and organisations who share my desire to unite and inspire the Yes movement and deliver independence.

I may not be as media trained as my fellow candidates, but those skills I will learn, and learn quickly.

I trust you can already see that I am the most determined candidate for healing the divisions in our party, governing effectively, and progressing independence from day one of my leadership, rather than hoping and wishing Westminster gives Scotland a referendum at some vague point in the future.

The change we desire for our country requires change within our party.

Fresh leadership, will deliver fresh ideas and a renewed determination to get the job done.

We need a bold leader, not a manager, leading the SNP. We need to inspire and bring all of Scotland with us.

A vote for me is a vote for a better Scotland for all of us, through independence.

I hope I can count on your vote and enthusiasm.

Many thanks.