An immediate ceasefire is about values and conscience. This cannot continue. Humanity must prevail.

Today at Westminster, MPs were presented with the chance to vote in favour of the SNP’s ceasefire amendment.

This amendment was a plea to put humanity before politics, by endorsing a ceasefire.

Too many parents have had to bury their children.

Too many children have become orphaned.

Too many have suffered and for far too long.

A ceasefire that would enable a humanitarian corridor and the crucial delivery of immediate aid to those in desperate need.

I am beyond angry that the majority of MPs refused to back the calls for an immediate ceasefire.

They are on the wrong side of history, which is unforgivable.

Over 4,500 innocent children have been killed in Gaza.

The World Health Organisation has reported a heart-wrenching statistic: a child has been killed every 10 minutes.

Let that sink in.

In the beleaguered hospitals of Gaza, surgeries unfold amidst the chaos of bombardment and gunfire, devoid of the solace of anaesthesia.

And now there are haunting images of tiny premature babies who have been removed from their incubators because the situation is so dire.

This cannot continue.

Humanity must prevail.

Through collective international pressure, a path to ending this senseless violence can be found.

We cannot allow the silent screams of the innocent to go unanswered.

In the face of such profound sorrow, let all our voices join the rallying cry of human solidarity.

Take action; use your voice.

I can promise you that I will continue to raise my voice to demand an immediate ceasefire.

We cannot allow this humanitarian catastrophe to go on a second longer.