A new cross-party, four nation approach to Brexit

The Tories hard Brexit plan has been rejected by the public. It is now essential that we seek as much consensus as possible on the way forward.

This means taking the time to agree a new cross-party, all government approach to Brexit negotiations. Here’s how this can be done.

1.  The UK government should develop a new position agreed by all parties and governments in the UK. 

The UK government should develop a new position that is the best interests of all parts of the UK. To agree this new approach, an advisory group should be set-up with representatives from political parties and devolved governments. This should also include both sides of the political debate in Northern Ireland.


2.  Devolved governments must be included in Brexit negotiations.

Our proposal that the Scottish Government should have a seat at the Brexit negotiating table has been backed by the electorate. The UK government must now include all devolved governments in the negotiations.

To support this, the Prime Minister should re-establish the Joint Ministerial Committee, which is made up of Ministers from the UK government and the devolved administrations. This has not met since before Article 50 was triggered in March.  

The Scottish and Welsh governments have now written to the Brexit Secretary requesting that the Joint Ministerial Committee meet and that devolved administrations have a seat at the negotiating table. Read more here.


3.  Membership of the European Single Market and customs union should be at the heart of the new UK government position on Brexit.

Our compromise proposal, that the UK would leave the EU but remain in the single market, has now been endorsed by the Scottish electorate. These proposals provide a blueprint for a new approach. You can read more about our proposals here.


4.  The right of EU nationals to remain in the UK must be guaranteed with immediate effect.

The UK government has so far treated EU nationals as bargaining chips. They should now confirm their rights as a matter of urgency. We also expect the rights of UK nationals
living in the EU to be guaranteed in the same way.

Read more about the importance of the European Single Market to Scotland here.