6 takeaways from the continuing Tory Brexit chaos

Six weeks ago, Theresa May’s Brexit deal suffered the biggest defeat in parliamentary history. With only 30 days until Brexit, the deadlock continues and the UK Government remains in chaos.

Here are 6 takeaways from the latest Brexit developments:

1) Scottish Tory MPs chose to side with extreme Brexiteers, rather than stand up for Scotland

The SNP tabled an amendment seeking to rule out a no-deal Brexit in all circumstances.

Shamefully, all Scottish Tory MPs voted against an SNP amendment that would protect Scotland’s communities from the calamitous consequences of a no-deal.

This amounts to nothing short of a betrayal of Scottish voters. 
The people of Scotland clearly rejected Brexit, but the Westminster parties proved to be incapable and unwilling to serve Scotland’s wishes – and not for the first time.

While it’s not surprising that the Tories are behaving recklessly and putting their party above common sense, Labour’s abdication of responsibility is equally shameful.

If Labour – through sitting on their hands at this crucial time – become the midwives of a Tory Brexit, they will be equally culpable for the harm it will cause and every job lost as a result.

it is now clear that Jeremy Corbyn must commit – unequivocally, no ifs, no buts – to a public vote on Brexit with an option to remain.

2) It’s clearer than ever that no-deal would be disastrous for Scotland

The UK Government’s own economic analysis shows that a no-deal would be nothing short of a calamity: wrecking our economy, slashing hundreds of thousands of jobs, and threatening communities.

And what’s more, a recently published UK Government report revealed that Scotland’s agriculture, forestry and farming sectors would take a disproportional hit under a no-deal scenario.

This demonstrates exactly how this Tory government is prepared to gamble away Scotland’s future.

3) Theresa May can’t be trusted – we must extend Article 50

The clock keeps ticking and the UK Government still hasn’t got a clue on how to proceed. This is why we must put a handbrake on Brexit.

Theresa May recently U-turned and promised a vote on extending Article 50, if her meaningful vote faces another defeat in March. However, she can’t be trusted – she has been known to change her mind at the eleventh hour, only prevent another outbreak of Tory civil war.

Over ten weeks ago, Theresa May pulled the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal at the last minute. There’s every reason to believe she may do so again.

Scotland’s people and businesses are increasingly worried about being driven off the Brexit cliff edge and are demanding a way out.

This is why Parliament must take control of the Brexit process, by backing concrete proposals to rule out no-deal, extend Article 50, and hold a public vote – based on facts, rather than lies on the side of a bus.

4) UK Government is still chasing the unworkable

Instead of listening and at least attempting to compromise, Theresa May trapped herself in a cage of her own red lines. She continues to pander to the hard-right Brexiteers, with the sole purpose of preserving the façade of party unity.

She asked the EU for unworkable concessions, but the EU have been consistently standing on Ireland’s side and refused to make changes to the backstop, which could put the Good Friday Agreement at risk.

The stark contrast between how Ireland was treated – full solidarity from EU member states – and Scotland – being dragged out of the EU against our will and treated with contempt – demonstrates the cost of not being an independent country.

5) Theresa May is still running down the clock

This week, Theresa May announced that the meaningful vote on Brexit may not take place until the 12th March, just 10 parliamentary days before we’re due to crash out of the EU.

She’s running down the clock in a shameful attempt to force MPs into a binary choice between her terrible deal, and the calamity of no-deal. We cannot, and will not, accept that.

6) Scotland’s voice is still being ignored

The Westminster parties seem to be competing with each other on who can cause more chaos to Scotland’s economy and more damage to Scotland’s interests.

Ruth Davidson passionately argued for Remain in 2016, but her Scottish Tories are subservient to their Westminster bosses, rather than the people of Scotland.
They quickly U-turned on their views and went on to facilitate a hard Tory Brexit, along the lines of the ERG.

What’s more, Richard Leonard recently said he would prefer Brexit to a second EU referendum, proving that he’s vastly out of touch with Scottish public opinion.

Only the SNP has consistently stood up for our membership of the European Union.
Scotland has so much to lose from being dragged out against its will, and we cannot let it happen.