50 days until Brexit: where are we now?

More than two and a half years since the referendum, the arrogant claims by leading Brexiteers have been exposed as nothing more than empty slogans.

The UK government spent over two years tearing itself apart over Brexit, with no clear strategy and no united position.

The Brexit clock is ticking and the deadlock continues.

The day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.
Michael Gove, 9th April 2016

The whole process has been all about satisfying the demands of the hard-right Tory Brexiteers, while ignoring the economic reality and the wishes of people in all nations of the UK.

The free trade deal that we will do with the EU should be one of the easiest in human history.
Liam Fox, 20th July 2016

🤦‍♂️ Since taking his position as International trade Secretary, Liam Fox has clocked over 400,000 miles on 125 flights, costing taxpayers £219,556.
He did not even come close to achieving a single trade deal.

Days since Theresa May pulled first meaningful vote: 59

One day before the Brexit ‘meaningful vote’ in Parliament was scheduled, Theresa May shamefully pulled the vote because she knew she’d lose.

Despite seeking concessions for a month, the Prime Minister has achieved no material changes to the withdrawal agreement.

By the time the meaningful vote actually took place, the opposition to her deal only hardened. The only thing it achieved was proving just how incompetent this Tory government is.

Days since Theresa May lost Brexit meaningful vote: 23

Theresa May has suffered the worst defeat in UK parliamentary history, but she failed to acknowledge the scale of that defeat.

She keeps insisting that her Brexit deal can win support, but cannot offer realistic proposals on how to win support.

By refusing to shift her red lines and making empty, undeliverable promises on the backstop, she’s simply dragging everyone deeper into deadlock and running down the clock.
By the time we have the ‘second meaningful vote’, she will have wasted another month.

Labour edged closer to supporting Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Last night, Jeremy Corbyn wrote a letter to Theresa May, stating that he will support her Brexit deal, if she offers some concessions on a customs union and makes a few tweaks to the political declaration.

The letter did not mention Scotland even once, and showed complete disregard and ignorance to the will and interest of the Scottish people.

Labour will never be forgiven if they end up being the midwives of a Tory Brexit that will wreck jobs, damage our economy, and leave us more isolated in the world.

The PM went to Brussels to relaunch negotiations, but no breakthrough in sight as the clock ticks

The EU has repeatedly insisted that the withdrawal agreement, including the Irish backstop, cannot be renegotiated.

Despite that, Theresa May continues with her nebulous belief that she can win any concessions. She went to Brussels without being able to offer any specific proposals to ‘alternative arrangements’ she’s intending to replace the backstop with.

The solidarity shown to Ireland by the EU is in stark contrast to the way in which Scotland has been ignored throughout the process. This is the price of not being independent – we deserve better.

Westminster is in chaos, but in Scotland we stand united against Brexit and doing the day job in Holyrood

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, and the SNP was the first party in the UK to present workable compromise proposals, which were rejected by the UK government with pure arrogance.

Throughout the Brexit process, the UK government silenced and shafted Scottish interests, but the SNP MPs consistently stood up for Scotland and made it clear that Scotland deserves better.

And while the Tory party continues with their internal squabble about a divorce deal, the Scottish Government passed a Budget that will enable us to deliver more money for the NHS, invest in skills, and continue building a record number of affordable homes.

It’s time to break the impasse by extending Article 50 and giving people a say

Tory intransigence continues to put jobs and our economy at risk.

With 50 days until Brexit day, it’s time for the UK government to end their unicorn-chasing delusions, drop the red lines, and face reality.

The cliff-edge of a no-deal Brexit can be avoided, and with so little time left, we’re clear about the way forward: the UK government must rule out no-deal, extend Article 50, and legislate for a People’s Vote to put the issue back into people’s hands.

Scotland has so much to lose from being dragged out of the EU against its will, and we cannot let it happen.