UN Human Rights Day: 5 ways we’ve stood up for rights

Today is United Nations Human Rights Day and this year the campaign is calling on us all to ‘Stand up for Rights’.
At Westminster, in the Scottish Parliament and in government, we are committed to protecting and enhancing human rights.
Here are just five ways we’ve stood up for human rights this month.

1.  Eilidh Whiteford MP launched a Private Member’s Bill at Westminster that aims to help combat violence against women.
The Bill, published on UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, sets out a timetable for the UK Parliament to approve the Istanbul Convention.  The Convention is an international agreement which aims to prevent violence against women, combat it and prosecute those responsible.
2.  A new plan to enhance support for disabled people in Scotland has been published.
The Minister for Social Security, Jeane Freeman, has launched a new Disability Action Plan, setting out the 93 actions the SNP Scottish government will take to reduce inequality experienced by disabled people. Action will include reducing barriers to employment and standing for election.
3.  A Race Equality Framework Adviser has been appointed by the SNP Scottish Government.
We have a fulfilled our manifesto commitment to the appointment of a Race Equality Framework Adviser, to tackle racism and advance race equality.
The new adviser, Kaliani Lyle, will provide advice to the Scottish Government on how to implement the actions set out in the Race Equality Framework. You can read the framework here.
4.  A new pregnancy and maternity discrimination working group, established by the Scottish Government, has met for the first time.
The new group has been set up to draw up guidelines for tackling pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace and to encourage best practice. Read more about their work here.
5.  At Westminster, we called on the UK government to extend discrimination protections in the Equality Act 2010 to all trans, intersex and non-binary people.

As equality law currently remains reserved to Westminster this cannot be done by the Scottish Parliament. But during a debate at Westminster, Angela Crawley MP, pledged the full support of SNP MPs if the UK government forward plans to improve the law regarding trans, intersex and non-binary people.
The SNP Scottish Government has also committed to reviewing and reforming gender recognition law, so that it’s in line with international best practice for people who are Transgender or Intersex.