5 ways SNP councils will deliver for young people

On Thursday people across Scotland will go to the polls to elect their local council.

Local councils play a crucial part in delivering the services that hold the fabric of our society together, as well as supporting small businesses and jobs. All of that is at risk if our councils fall into the hands of the Tories.
And with Scotland’s young people being denied a say in June’s General Election, it’s even more important to make your voice heard. Here’s why young people should vote SNP on Thursday.
Protecting young people from the worst excesses of Tory cuts.
In government, the SNP has expanded the Education Maintenance Allowance – now scrapped south of the border – to support even more school pupils and college students from low income families.
Funding has also been made available through the Scottish Welfare Fund so that councils can support 18 to 21 year olds following the Tory decision to remove their Housing Benefit.
Building more affordable homes.
Working with local councils and housing associations, over 60,000 affordable homes have been completed in Scotland. And a further 22,000 households have been supported into homeownership.
SNP councils will now build their share of 50,000 new affordable houses across Scotland by 2021, and will work with housing associations to ensure at least 35,000 of these will be houses for social rent.
Empowering young people and local communities.
We believe young people should have a say in decisions about the future of their local community. That’s why, for the first time, 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote in council elections this Thursday.
SNP councils will now work with people in their area to give them a bigger role in decisions made about their communities. We will devolve at least one per cent of each council budget directly to communities so citizens can choose where this is spent locally based on their needs and priorities.
Backing small businesses and boosting job creation.
In Scotland, the youth unemployment rate is the lowest since records began – and is the second lowest of any country in the EU.
To support our local small businesses to create jobs and keep people in work, we’ve taken 100,000 businesses out of business rates altogether.
Supporting looked after young people.
SNP councils will focus on helping  looked after children and young people reach their full potential and will work with the Scottish Government on its national review of the care system.

Polls are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday.

Find out where to vote and how to vote here.