5 reasons why you should vote SNP at the EU Elections

Scotland’s future lies in Europe. A vote for the SNP is a vote to make clear Scotland says No to Brexit.

  • Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. It’s a democratic outrage that we’re now being dragged out against our will.
  • Brexit will be bad for Scotland – with fewer jobs, fewer opportunities and households left worse off.
  • The European elections are an opportunity for people in Scotland to make clear they will not stand for Brexit.

Labour and the Tories are both committed to delivering Brexit. We need to send them a message.

  • Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are determined to deliver Brexit at any cost.
  • The SNP has repeatedly proposed a compromise, Norway-style single market option that would minimise the damage caused by Brexit – but we’ve been ignored.
  • Neither Labour nor the Tories can stand up for Scotland and our overwhelming vote to Remain in the EU.
  • We need to send them a message that Scotland says no to Brexit.

Brexit is undesirable and undeliverable. We support a second EU referendum, with the option to Remain.

  • Politicians at Westminster haven’t been able to deliver Brexit. But Theresa May thinks she can ask them again and again until they agree with her deal.
  • It’s wrong that MPs get to change their mind but the public can’t.
  • A second EU referendum, with the option to Remain, can solve Westminster’s impasse – and can keep Scotland in the EU.
  • What can’t be allowed to happen is for the UK to crash out of the EU without a deal. Article 50 should be revoked if a no-deal Brexit is the only alternative.

Brexit has shown, once and for all, that Westminster isn’t working.

  • The UK political system is deeply dysfunctional and has ground to a halt due to Brexit.
  • The Tories and Labour are both hopelessly divided, with neither party a competent or credible choice.
  • Theresa May is a Prime Minister held hostage by the DUP and by hardliners in her own party – but still unable to make any meaningful progress.
  • Scotland deserves better than a Westminster system that isn’t working.

No wonder more and more people believe Scotland’s future should be as an independent country.

  • Of the 27 independent countries that decided the UK’s future at the European Council two weeks ago, around a dozen are smaller than or similar in size to Scotland.
  • The contrast between the solidarity EU countries have shown Ireland, and the lack of respect the UK government has shown Scotland, could not be clearer.
  • We want Scotland to be a decision maker, with a seat at the top table – working constructively and on an equal basis with our European partners.

Make Scotland’s voice heard – vote SNP on Thursday 23rd of May.